Saturday, December 8, 2012


December 8th was my Grandma Freda's birthday.  It was the day after mine.  Whenever a relative would call to wish me a happy birthday, I would instinctively say "Thanks.  Same to you." which would seem weird because it wasn't their birthday.  (I still do that sometimes without thinking.  When the person checking me in for an airline flight says "Have a nice flight, I often say "Thanks.  Same to you.")  But when I said it to Grandma Freda, it made sense.

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  1. I do this a lot, too. Though I don't fly often, just about every time I do I end up catching myself, usually after I've told the person who checks my ticket at the door to enjoy their flight, too. The other place I do it a lot is movie theatres. The folks selling the tickets usually say, "Enjoy your movie." Quite often I say, "Thanks, you too."