Saturday, December 29, 2012


I was at a church rummage sale where I saw a statue of an alligator selling for $0.25. It was a nice sized statue, about 2 feet long. It also seemed new; the tag was still attached.  I bought it.

My rooommate said that I could get it as long as I put it some place she wouldn't have to see it.  As I walked with it through the crowd, a few people commented that they wondered who would buy it.

Then I looked for it on the internet.  Amazon is selling it for $477.77 plus $11.99 shipping, a total of $489.76.

To buy it on Amazon:

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  1. It's the second strangest thing I've ever seen at a church bazaar. The first waS a plastic, green and white stripes running the length. When I openned it...well, this being a family-friendly blog, I won't say what jumped out at me. I will say that I was very, very surprised. :)