Tuesday, December 25, 2012


How much do all the gifts cost in the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas"? 

Assuming all the gifts in the song - a total of 12 partridges (1 each day), 22 turtle doves, 42 swans-a-swimming, etc, the total cost is $107,276. 

The prices seem a bit arbitrary.  A golden ring for $105?  That could cost anywhere from $50 to $10,000.  Each maid-a-milking is $7.25, the national minimum wage for an hour.  There is no transportation or shipping added in.

If you figure that they only for one partridge even though it is sung twelve times, two turtle doves, etc, then the price drops to $25, 201.

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  1. My favorite response to the 12 Days of Christmas is the one written in "Thank You" Letters. Hint for those who want to impress their paramours, don't ever do it!