Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Every November comes with a writing challenge.  November is "National Novel Writing Month", known as NaNoWriMo, challenging all of us to write a novel in one month.  I keep getting it mixed up with the name for Nanaimo bars, which are quite delicious, by the way.

So how many words did my friends and I write?  I asked them.

  • Mike says he writes 900 words a week.  So I estimate that in a 30 day month, he writes 3857.14 ( 900/7 * 30).
  • Crystal wrote "over 60k".  So I'll put here down for 60,001, the lowest number I can be sure of.
  • Shevi wrote 50,921.
  • I wrote 3422 words, but at least I feel like my story now has some meat to it.
  Total from the four of us:    118,201.14 words.

information on NaNoWriMo:

Shevi's books on Amazon:  keywords=shevi+arnold

information on Nanaimo bars: wiki/Nanaimo_bars


  1. I decided to do some economic projections. I don't know exactly how many words your novel has written to date, so I'll just use the number of words you wrote in the month of November, 3422. I went out and looked at a lot of sites to find out the average word count for a novel. One of these is:

    Though these sites vary a bunch, it appears that an average length is about 75,000 words. Your 3422 words is approximately 4.6% of a novel.

    Remembering that you will sell your movie rights for the book for $20 million, this means that your writing in November earned you $920,000. And this is, of course, not counting the actual revenue from sales of the book. Not too shabby! :)