Monday, December 3, 2012


from Alaska Weather Service, Nov 29:

The first 50 below of the season was reported this morning in Chicken, Alaska. Persistent high pressure over mainland Alaska is keeping conditions clear and calm throughout the Interior, allowing for cold air aloft to settle in the valleys. Cold temperatures are expected to persist through the weekend, and may even become colder early next week if the clouds stay away.

The coldest temperature ever recorded in the state of Alaska in November was -61F in Fort Yukon on November 24th, 1935. Do you think we will beat it?

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  1. Digging around on the net today didn't pull up any current -50F temps. But it did bring up anoter number I thought was interesting...70. Puntilla station, near Skwentna, which is 70 air miles from Anchorage has 70 inches of snow on the ground. That's where all of ours went. We need it, or we're going to start seeing broken pipes as it gets colder.