Friday, November 16, 2012


My roommates and I got a new dog, which brings us back up to 5.  (All rescues)

Preston - schnauzer
Trouble - schnauzer

Lady - schnoodle

Buddy - puggle

Socrates - TIL (terrier of indeterminate lineage)

Because I miss them, I am posting pictures of the dogs we've had that passed away.

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  1. As strange as it sounds, the canine contingent feels complete. Socrates joined the two other two groups the dogs of the household belong to:

    1) the canine chorus that always resonds to the door bell or greets anyone who comes to the door whether they ring the bell or not, and

    2) the guilt squad that stands at the top of the stairs and looks forlornly as we head out the door.

    Welcome, Socrates!