Thursday, November 15, 2012


Why Israel has attacked Gaza -

Over 12,800 rockets have hit Israel in the past 11 years--that includes the period during which Israel disengaged from the Gaza Strip for the sake of peace. That's an average of three rockets per day, raining down from the sky.

Imagine having to run your children to a bomb shelter at all hours of the day (during school hours) and night (when they are asleep). Then imagine the PTSD and terror that these children will have for the rest of their lives, having lived through this for years. Now imagine a single other country in the world that would be forced into this situation, gaining the world's censure when they defend themselves only after 72 hours of being hit by nearly 200 rockets shot at them from literally only a few miles away. That's right, there is no other such country in the world.

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