Tuesday, November 27, 2012


In the New York City subway system, there are many stations that share the same name.  The most common station name is 23 rd street.  The north-south trains all stop at 23rd street (except some express trains that skip it), but they all run along different avenues.

There are several stations called 23rd street:
  • 23rd St at 8th Ave where the A, C, and E trains stop.
  • 23rd St at 7th Ave where the 1 train stops at all times and the 3 train stops when it is late.
  • 23rd St at 6th Ave where the F train stops at all times and the M train on weekdays.
  • 23rd St and Broadway, where the N train stops at all times and the R train stops all times except late nights.
  • 23rd St. and 3rd Ave, was a stop of the elevated line.  It was closed in 1955, and the tracks have been torn down.  The 8 train stopped there.
  • 23rd St and 2nd Ave will be a station on the new 2nd Ave line, assuming it is ever completed.  The plan is for the T strain to stop there.
  • 23rd St and Ely Ave in Queens is a different 23rd street than the others.  The E train stops there.


  1. Do you have a favorite? If so, when the movie comes out based on your book and you become famous, maybe they could name it the Amy Whinston station. :)

  2. sounds good! The one at 179 st and Hillside Avenue.