Thursday, November 29, 2012


The Electronic Frontier Foundation is offering a prize of $250,000 to whoever is the first to find a prime number that is at least one billion digits long.


  1. That should be easy. Here's an algorithm to find the number:

    Step 1) Star by setting X = 1 + 10 to the 999,999,999th power.

    Step 2) Check to see if X is prime

    Step 3) If X is prime, then -- CHA-CHING! -- you're done! Otherwise, add 2 to X and go back to step 2.

    Notice how I cleverly set it to only to check odd numbers. That's because 2 is the only even prime number and it has fewer than a billion digits. My shortcut should save a considerable amount of time.

    I'm a frickin' genius!

    1. So just remember...if this works, and you get the money, you heard about it here first! :)