Thursday, November 1, 2012


Poor Yertle only has 287 votes for zoo president of the Alaska Zoo.

Come on everyone! Votwe for Yertle for zoo president. (Yertle is so far behind because originally the zoo only had Ahpun and Denali running. Yertle is a late addition write-in candidate. Wouldn't you rather have an herbavore for zoo president? Her platform is "Raisins for all and better grass."

To vote for Alaska Zoo president:


  1. I just cast ten votes for Yertle!! I think I have about as much chance of seeing Yertle win as I do my human presidential candidate to carry an electoral vote from the State of Alaska.

  2. I think Yertle has a better chance of winning the position of Zoo President than the Green Party candidate has of winning the electoral vote of any state.

  3. How about those states that don't use a winner-take-all system?

  4. I still wouldn't hold my breath.