Friday, October 4, 2013


The telephone number for the government office for Obamacare is 1-800 (because it is a toll-free number)  and then F1UCKYO .  The 1 key has no letters associated with it.  So the letter part spells out FUCK YO .


  1. Wow. I guess I'm really surprised to see this kind of thing posted here. Though it is true...I checked...I'd think such language, and the inflammatory reason it'd be shared, would detract from people's desire to visit the blog. It certainly was a gut-punch to me. I hope it's not a sign of things to come. I know I haven't been reading and replying lately as much as I did before...I have to figure out a way for me to compute more comfortably at home. But I have really enjoyed what I have found on this site. You have reawakened in me something that I had lost from my childhood...a love of science and math and numbers, and an accompanying interest in the world around me. I hope that this is not going to develop into yet another place dominated by partisan politics. It would be very sad to not feel comfortable coming here anymore.

  2. I am trying for an eclectic mixture of posts. Some are completely math, some are trivia, some are nature / science related, some are pop culture, and some are political. I plan to continue this.

    My policy regarding profanity - I will not use it gratuitously, but if it is relevant, than I will.

  3. And considering your Facebook posts, you certainty are i n no position to complain about someone else getting political on the web.

    1. It is true in Facebook I post strong political statements. You do, too, and I would in no way say anything in opposition to this. I just think that a blog is different, and that there are likely many who would be offended by the profanity here, and many on both sides of the political spectrum who would find the reference distasteful. This is the kind of thing only posted by the very most extreme on the "conservative" side. It contributes nothing to the discussion and only creates discord. I saw this as a place where I could engage in the exploration of things that I enjoyed in childhood free of all the politics from EITHER side. I would think a person who wanted something like this really wonderful resource to be accessible to as many people as possible would see it that way, too. I know you haven't had a million people coming here. But that's just a function of getting the word out and time, because this really is a special and important resource. This post will offend many who may come here, and will certainly be enough to drive many away.

  4. I will admit that this contributes nothing to any political discussion. I didn't mean it to. It is just an amusing factoid about the telephone number. I don't even think there is any political meaning to the number. It is probably just a fluke. But I still find it an amusing. The post doesn't even give my opinion of the moronic plan.

    Why shouldn't I be political in my blog? I have been political before this, and will probably be in the future. I do not plan to censor myself or worry about whom I offend.

    While I do not use profanity gratuitously, I will use it when it fits the situation. It does here. Again, I have no plans to censor myself.

    Just in case you are interested: In the past week, this blog has been visited 90 times in the US, 10 times in Russia, 7 in the Ukraine, 5 in Germany, 2 in South Korea, 1 in China, 1 in the UK, and 1 in Venezuela.

  5. Although I did make a mistake on the title, which should have been 1-800- F1U-CKYO since the dash in the 7 digits traditionally goes after the 3rd digit, not the 4th.