Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The record for the most beers drunk in one night: 119, by Andre the Giant  (a wrestler who played the giant in The Princess Bride).

Born André René Roussimoff, and at adulthood stood over 7 feet & weighed over 500 pounds at his heaviest. Andre liked to drink. Born in France he had cosumed alcohol since he was a child. While wrestling for the WWF all the wrestlers would go to a certain bars after the shows in certain towns. Well one bar owner approached Andre & offered him a deal. The next time the WWF were in town, Andre would visit their bar & sit on stage, drinking beer all night allowing them to count how many. And the kicker was if Andre agreed to this, he got all his beer for free.

Andre agreed the the next time they were in town, the record was set. Andre sat on that stage for 6 hours. In that time he drank an astounding 119 beers! That's one beer every 3 minutes for six hours! Unreal. He could drink a can of beer in 2 drinks & his hands were so big you couldn't even see the can when he was holding it.  What's funny is that was one of the only times anybody ever saw Andre actually 'drunk'. (Andre passed out in the hallway of the hotel later that morning LOL)  He always seemed fine no matter how much he drank.

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