Saturday, September 28, 2013


Look at this marvelous dragon that is selling in Etsy for only $5,300.

The description:

Meet Freya. She's a fairly young dragon with lots of attitude. She's very protective of children and loves to be petted. You might say she's all bark and no bite, or in dragon terms, all smoke and no fire! Her belly is hinged and houses a fog machine that is plumbed up through her neck and allows her to bellow smoke on cue from the accompanying remote. Perfect for entertaining the grand kids or drawing attention to your business, everyone who meets her falls in love!

Freya won the People's Choice Award in 2012 at the Vancouver Recycled Arts Fair. Read her story here:

The steel was long since forgotten and forsaken from its original purpose, so we salvage it to create one-of-a-kind pieces to treasure for many years to come. Upon close observation, you can see Freya's shapely figure is comprised of steam pipe, tire irons, an old 50's Chevy truck hood, exhaust pipe, plow tines, scrap rebar, industrial springs and even metal from an excavated underground shelter. Her natural rusty patina will continue to darken to a rich brown as she ages, causing the welding and grinding marks to blend nicely. No rust protector is necessary, but can be applied, if so desired. She stands 9' tall, has an 8' wingspan and is about 7' long. She comes with custom made glass eyes in either a fierce red with small pupils or a friendlier amber color and larger pupils.


The price is without shipping (or with shipping inside Oregon only), and they won't  ship to Alaska.  But my roommates were just in Oregon.  I sent this the information.  They could have just bought her in Oregon and brought her home with them.  But did they buy her?  NO!

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