Tuesday, October 2, 2012


In an ad for Powell's books:

19 is the atomic number of potassium.  The Backstreet Boys are 19 years old.  19 is the eighth smallest prime number.  In binary, the number 19 loos like 10112.  In miniature golf, the golfer wins an instant prize on the 19th hole.  According to certain religious texts, there are 19 angels guarding hell.  You could win 19 free signed books from Powell's.com if you enter our Signed Editions contest.

To enter the contest:  powell's 19 books sweepstakes


  1. What? A chance to win free book? I just went and signed up. Being the gourmand-rather-than-gourmet-book-collector that I am, I'm not too concerned with what they are. :)

    1. The only reason I want to be famous (other than geeting rich by doing endorsements) is so I can write a memoir and title it [MY NAME] -- The Unauthorized Autobiography.

      I just realized that this will appear as a response to Mr. Naff. It's not really, but I must have hit the wrong button and I'm too lazy to redo it. Even though it would have been quicker to redo it than to type this explanation. Especially with copy and paste being available. Oh well.

    2. This is supposed to be areply. To Don's comment below.

  2. As Vonnegut's narrator in Slaughterhouse Five keeps saying, after describing just such tragedies, "So it goets." :) And, please, call me Don. :)

  3. Rats...now, see...that was *supposed* to be a reply.