Sunday, September 16, 2012


Muslims have been rioting and attacking Americans in protest of an anti-Muslim movie in the US.  So far, the protests have spread to 33 countries.  (I got the number 33 from ABC News.)

Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Islamabad, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan, Somolia, Tunisia, Yemen, are some of the countries.  Non-Muslim countries where the Muslims were upset included England and Israel, but the police in Israel stopped the protesters from getting to the Americans, and I think something similar happened in England.  I was not able to find a complete list of countries affected.

The protesters have attacked American, British, and German embassies.  They have burned other buildings, including an American school and a KFC.

In the Sudan, where the protest, on Sept 11, had been pre-planned, four Americans were murdered.  A total of 17 people have been killed, but I could not find a breakdown between Americans and protesters.

My personal opinion - If a country has a peaceful protest, ignore it.  The people in the embassies should be armed with machine guns and whatever else they need to fight back.  Any country that lets their people attack should not get any financial aid from the US.

I do not care if they are upset about a film critical of Muslims.  I didn't care that they were upset about Swedish cartoon about Mohammad.  Many of these countries have published The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, claiming the book is true.  Saudi Arabia said that Jews use the blood of non-Jewish children to make hamentashen.  Iran had a contest for the best antisemitic cartoon. Children's TV shows in many of these countries glorify killing Jews.

Sorry, I am not sympathetic to the Muslims.

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