Sunday, January 12, 2014


You know those long boring conditions you have to agree to before installing software that no one ever reads?  I did a word count on one, and it was 5771 words.

... If the WM-DRM Software's security has been compromised, owners of Secure Content (“Secure Content Owners”) may request that Microsoft revoke the WM-DRM Software's right to copy, display and/or play Secure content.  Revocation does not alter the WM-DRM Software's ability to play unprotected content.  A list of revoked WM-DRM Software is sent to your computer whenever you download a license for Secure Content from the Internet.  Microsoft may, in conjunction with such license, also download revocation lists onto your computer on behalf of Secure Content Owners.  Secure Content Owners may also require you to upgrade some of the WM-DRM components distributed with this software (“WM-DRM Upgrades”) before accessing their content...

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