Sunday, January 13, 2013


Exit 880 in I-10 in Orange, Texas, is the highest interstate exit number.


  1. I thought I had discovered an error in Wikipedia. It says that Orange, Texas is the easternmost city in Texas. The map of Texas shows both Buckhorn and Fawil farther to the East. A bit of searching, though, shows that Buckhorn had 20 people according to 2000 census, and Fawil is described only as a small community. The map doesn't seem to indicate any size difference, but it appears Wikipedia is vindicated again. :)

    1. "Wikipedia is vindicated again"? Please don't tell me you have great faith in the allmighty Wikipedia.

      Granted, it's usually accurate for pop culture type stuff that's not controversial. Want to know who played what role in a given TV series, or what years such and such sports franchise was in a given city? Yeah, Wikipedia is a good source.

      But go after anything controversial, and I get skeptical. The Arab Israel conflict? Anthropogenic Global Warming? Fiscal Cliff Negotiations? I wouldnm't trust them.

      Now, I know that easternmost city in Texas is not particularly controversial, but I have found errors in noncontroversial topics. I found a mistake in their article on the list of Presidents (which I got them to correct), and one in the list of Amendments to the United States Constitution. I corrected that myself, after my plea on the "talk" page went unanswered for months.